Chef’s Surprise

The day turned out to be a chef’s surprise… a pinch of this, a tad of that, extra seasoning here, and a full dose of that something special.
A golden eagle landed in the branches of my cottonwood, and Elsa, good mother that she is, barked and scolded it.  I glanced out the window and saw where she was looking, and grabbed my slingshot.  Unfortunately… or fortunately… the rubber on my slingshot was old and cracked, and I had to forego an attack on the bird.  I had to resort to yelling and mixed with the barking, we managed to urge the eagle to move on.  No puppy breakfasts for that eagle!
Lucas and I loaded up and went to help the guys up at the Mills place.  Our bar is almost done and you’ll NEVER believe what else we are doing up there.  It is SO COOL  and UNIQUE and you’ll be jealous when you see it!
I had to teach one last class this afternoon… and amazingly enough, the Korean Teacher was not there, but the kids and I breezed through our lesson and enjoyed ourselves!
I filled in some time discussing dogs with some new buyers for my pups.
Maybe tomorrow will be a little less hectic…


PUPPY PHOTO OF THE DAY : It’s MY turn!  It’s MY turn!


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