So Long, Sadie!

Well, although little bitty Sadie will continue to grace my house for the next few days…
She’s no longer my pup.
Sadie gets to go to live with Matt Davis in Kaycee, Wyoming.  I know, without a doubt, I’ll see Sadie frequently as she grows and ages.  That will be a joy, seeing one of my pups actually develop beyond puppyhood, IN PERSON.
Perhaps I should explain that next July, Matt is also becoming a permanent part of MY family.
My daughter, Victoria, will change her last name to Davis, and Sadie will officially have two “parents”.
Sadie joins the not-so-small-miniature Aussie, Jazz, to compete for attention from the happy couple.  On occasion, she’ll probably get to move a cow or two with either a sister, father, or mother to help her learn the ropes.  She’ll get to be spoiled, and made over… and soon win over the town of Kaycee even further, since brothers Joe Henry/Buckshot and Raider from my last litter also live there!
So long, Sadie… see you soon!

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