Remember the Mills Place

Remember the Mills Place?

Thanksgiving 2008, this is what the kitchen looked like.  Avocado green metal cabinets.  A dishwasher you couldn’t open all the way because it banged into the stove.  Laminate stuff on the walls.  Not airy.  Not full of light.  We meant to change that!

Destruction was relatively easy.  They put 1/2 inch of plaster ON TOP of the sheetrock.  Don’t ask me why.  But it was a messy job.

Then one night… it was OPEN!
Then came clean new sheetrock and hickory cabinets.  And bar logs.  Which have their own stories starting here.

But then the boys got an idea this past Thanksgiving… They thought that the post on the end of the bar would look strange all alone.  It needed a friend.  And something to hold them together.  So.  Voila!
The bar logs were installed.  The widened doorway received this new look.  Look closely at the cross piece.  A little woodburning on my part produced The Watcher and Red Butte.
Here’s a closeup of The Watcher.
Here’s the Red Butte.
The “before” picture of the dining room side of the bar…

The “after” picture.
And to the right… the dining side crosspiece has its own design…
The closeup.  A cowboy and his dog following a lost pair home…
Believe me, these photos don’t do it justice!  It is beyond cool.  A little trim with used ropes, and it’ll be finished.  You haven’t even SEEN the bar logs either!  But that’s another story!  I think we achieved our goal.  The kitchen is light and airy and full of cabinets.  I LOVE IT!

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