Ugh.  I am so tired.  I can tell I’ve been sitting in town for 2 months!  Flailing through the snow and mud yesterday, my legs were sore.  Today I drove the tractor a bit for feeding… then drove a 4 wheeler through snow to bring the heifers to the corral… hiked back and forth in the corral vaccinating… and now… ugh.  I want a hot tub and masseuse!  I sure didn’t do that much, but my body feels differently!

Well, at least we’re more ready for the heifers to begin calving.  They’ve been moved up to the proper lot next to my house… except for the two, yes, TWO that calved down in the field.  One calf lived.  One did not.  Seems like every year starts out badly with those that are going to have problems…  Like the two COWS that calved today early by a month… and both lost their calves.
I think ranchers must be perpetual optimists or perhaps just have extremely BAD memories.  This is always the way calving season starts.  You could easily throw your hands in the air and call it quits if you had a different temperament!
But for me, this year, I’m happy to be here despite the poor start to calving season.
I’m home.
Home sweet home.
I’m comforted by the warm presence of my English Shadows by my side.
They are smart enough to keep out of the mud and snow when they want a nap…
and *great* at posing for my camera!

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