Heifer Check, Check? Right…

Only two more calves today.  Of course, I haven’t made my 10 o’clock run yet!

Thanks for everyone’s concern for Dally.  She’s perking up a little bit.  She went along feeding this morning which involved jumping onto and off of the hay trailer.  She’d try to land sidewise, protecting that left side. Once though she was going to join in with Elsa and bark at the four wheeler… it must have hurt to inhale that much… and her bark quickly turned into a yelp.  I’m sorry, I laughed!  The fresh 6″ of snow on top of the old has made her stick to the ruts and not cross through the deep snow.  She’s tough.
I haven’t had time to prepare my petroglyph photographs yet, so tonight I thought I’d just mention Hell’s Half Acre.  Remember that entry?  I went down to Casper to see my mother the first weekend in November and I later shared some memories of the old cafe and scenic spot along the highway.  On my way home this time, I did a double take.
It’s gone.  The cafe sat right there by the power poles and it is gone.  Vernon told me the day he drove down for Mom’s funeral, the backhoe was there tearing it down.  It seems so sad…
For those who really feel in the calving mood… (those of you who volunteered to come help!)  I’ve embedded my video from last year’s calving season.  This year would have been quite a bit whiter… and Daniel is in school right now… but you get the idea.

Heifer 4 from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

At some point, I’ll video some calving this year, but I’ll wait for blue sky… and all we’ve had is dismal grey skies.  But believe me, we are thrilled NOT to be calving in four feet of snow!!  I don’t know how you do that!

Well, I’m off to do the heifer check…

Tomorrow I’ll *really*really* try to prepare those petroglyph photos.

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