Part of the Circle

Each day lengthens slowly… the sun’s warmth is strengthened.
Winter is eaten away by spring.
Though snow may fall… it also melts.
Though one life passes… another is born.
The glorious blue skies fade each night to twinkling blackness which greys and slips again into an azure morning.
The moon fades its way from bloated fullness to fingernail clipping, disappears, and comes back again.
Out here, perhaps, we notice the seasons, the weather, the continuation of life and death and life, the moon, the land, the animals… just a bit more than the average city dweller.
We gain strength from it… to know we are a part of the circle.
We can smile a quiet smile.
We can have a twinkle in our eye.
Our rough hands can grip and hold and caress and even, when needed, let go.
Round and round.
Every day.
Round and round.

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