Darkness, Rah!

“I am a lineman for the county…

and I drive the main roads…
searching in the sun for another overload.”
I couldn’t help it… the song just sprang into my mind after seeing this.
HUH?  What did you say?  What’s *that* got to do with *this*?
Well… I know where Vernon is headed.
I know that on the ranch you just don’t run for the ladder when you need it.
Especially if a tractor is handy…
“I hear you singing in the wire…
I can hear you through the whine…”
And the Wichita Lineman…
is still on the line.”
You’ll be happy to know the light works fine.
And we’re over halfway done with our heifers.
And we can see them black cows in the darkness now…

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