The Bar

Another afternoon of painting up at the Mills place…  priming and painting two coats on everything is VERY time consuming… plus I try to caulk anything that a boxelder bug can crawl through… and each window rattles like a chime when tapped, so I caulk around them as well…

I have various boxes of my mother’s life now stacked along the edges of mine… a crystal bowl, crystal wine glasses, vases, kitchen utensils and pans, books, crafts, and photos.  I have my “vintage” bedroom set in my living room, plus Mediterranean style tables and a garden bench I built for her.
I unpack a box and try to find a home for its contents.  My house isn’t together yet either, so it’s a temporary home at best.  I chug away at it, nevertheless.  Someday…
But somewhere in that discombobulated brain of mine, I recall that I was supposed to show you my bar.  THE BAR.
The wood was cut in the sawmill on our place, although it belongs to G. and D.  My boys were thrilled to learn how to do that…
It sat for months until we were ready to install it…  then we decided to get fancy.
First we had to do what ranchers are driven to do to many of their belongings.
We branded it.
The brand is A Bar A.  Nope, doesn’t mean a thing to us… it came with the ranch when we bought it 100 years ago.
Then Vernon decided to inlay some “decorations”.  I’ll show you those pictures tomorrow!
This was a great project… one everyone can treasure for a LONG time!

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