Gettin’ the Job Done

We went to a bull sale in Riverton today.  Bull sales have their multiple appeals… and I’ve written about them before, here and here.

How’d we manage to get away from calving?  Well, the boys came home from school for the weekend, specifically to cover for us.  They are GOOD men!
I’m always interested in the people as well as the bulls.  I try to be observant.  Which guys are buckaroos from Nevada or Oregon?  Those with the flat top hats.  Which guy is going to top the sale with his $13,000 bid?  Not the one I expected!  In fact, I’ve decided I’m pretty bad at people observation!
There was also a stockdog clinic in Riverton this weekend.  Well, Pavillion, just outside of Riverton.  I didn’t figure I would be able to go since we are calving, but I would have been tempted to go out and watch for a couple of hours.  Of course, it is much more important that we get good bulls than improve my dog handling skills… But my thoughts were with Elvin Kopp and the stockdog clinic sponsored by Hope Dennis.
To make up for it…
Here’s my dogs’ outrun and lift the other day.
Elsa’s better at the outrun… She leads the way.
She is faster than Lucas!
“These heifers, right?”
Old green tag didn’t want to go to the shed… and put up some resistance.
But it was 2 to 1… old green tag lost her battle!
It’s not pretty technique according to “trial rules”.
It gets the job done.
Me happy!

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