What is it Winner

The question I posed yesterday:

What is this?
Drumroll please….
Yup, calf hooves!
Sandy, sorry I about made you ill…
DK, putting on gloves never occurs to me… my hands are washable and I don’t go farther in to contaminate her…
This heifer was very calm…
but the hooves seemed a little large…
so I had my library book…
and read in the sunshine while she worked on birthing this bigger calf.
One of her various positions placed her at my back with just the 2x8s separating us…
I couldn’t resist…
I reached through the boards…
and I felt the hooves move with my finger.
It is such a wonderful process.
The yellow colored ends of the hooves are just for the birth process… they are soft and therefore don’t hurt momma from inside.
So long as the yellowish bottoms are facing downwards, that is, towards the mom’s hooves, the calf isn’t breech.  If it was breech the yellow would be on top, because the back hooves would be coming first.
Tomorrow I’ll upload the video.
Laura, Robin, Kris H, Marg, Kris, Ginny, Della, and Alice… congratulations!  (Marilyn… I took your first answer… which was wrong, sorry)
Della’s name was picked out of the hat… YOU WIN!
Send your mailing address to tanasi_1701 at yahoo dot com and I’ll get your rustic reward in the mail!
I enjoyed this little competition, I might just have to do it again…
but make it a little more difficult!

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