Rust Colors

Today was spent checking for newborn calves and vaccinating some of last year’s heifers for various illnesses that cattle can get these days… BRSV, lepto, BVD, IBR, and PI3.  Confused? Yeah, that’s understandable.  Basically it covers them for many viral infections that can mess with their pregnancies (though they aren’t pregnant yet) or give them respiratory problems.

Somehow, I never managed to pull out my camera while vaccinating, but tomorrow we’ll finish up the remainder of the heifers, so perhaps I’ll remember then.
Later, as we needed to load up a cow and her calf into the horsetrailer…
I grabbed a couple of scenic shots.
In this one, the sun was getting low…
and the snow is fading away on top of the Big Horns.
The entire view seems dipped in a rusty red filter.
One of my favorite colors!

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