The New Toy

The New Toy

After doing this blog for over two years (!) now, I know how many of you appreciate Wyoming’s scenery and my ranch photography.  I’m thrilled you think my snapshots of rural life have beauty and meaning.

For a long time I used my Olympus C-700 which had a great zoom for its time.  It is a whopping 2.1 megapixels and I was very tickled to have it back in the day!  I still pack it around, banging it against pickups and horses, and it does very well for what now is a pitiful amount of pixels!
Then I saved up my money and purchased a digital SLR… my Olympus E-500.  It came with two lenses, but honestly, the 40-150 mm zoom rarely leaves the camera’s housing.  It still is my favorite, the zoom captures elk and eagles and dogs and branding shots that remain my favorite.  It needs a cleaning because I still bang it around in pickups, absorbing that ever present Wyoming dust.  It is my true love.
(and you knew that was coming…)
I bought another pocket sized digital camera, the Panasonic DMC-ZR1.  It is 12.1 megapixels… (oh, my goodness!  who’da thunk it?) and slides right in my shirt or coat pocket.  It can go with me anywhere.  I’ve even bent over and dropped it in the mud while putting up electric fence.  I need to start packing a big safety pin or a carabiner so I don’t lose it!  I do have visions of it bouncing out of my pocket at a gallop!  So far it’s held up well, but the true test will be a summer full of dirt.
This little beauty has improved my OOPE shots so much, it is difficult to call them OOPEs! So… I don’t!  The end of the OOPE era has arrived. <sigh>
Yesterday’s photo was an example of its “Film Grain” setting.
Then the “Sunset” setting… (tip: when shooting red dirt or any red/orange object, try the sunset setting to improve those colors – it doesn’t have to be at sunset!)
Today’s test with my new watermark is “High Dynamic“.
Here is “Pinhole”.
It even has a “Transform” setting which will make me look thinner… and the cattle fatter!  I’m not going to share that one right now… because it is more of the “Hall of Mirrors” transforming effect.  It’s not really pretty…
As I investigate and have success… I’ll share.
Please accept my apologies for “ruining” my photos with my feather watermark… I hope at some time to sell some of my photos… so protecting them needs to start now.  Please hang in here with me while I get used to one more step in the process of uploading photos.  Jerry M., thanks for letting me know it works!

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