After one day of playing with my watermark, I now can’t get it to work.  And no, I wasn’t going to leave it black, I actually wanted it to be a clear watermark… barely indistinguishable… but!  whatever I’ve done to it, it doesn’t want to apply itself to my photos tonight.
A computer geek, I am not.
Here we are Wednesday… tshirt weather!
The cool photos I took of the spring flurry blowing through today are distorted because I left my little camera on “Transform” and our cows look about 10 feet long and freaky.  But we have gone from tshirts to blizzard…
Hopefully by Sunday we’ll be back at tshirt weather again!
Any ideas to what freaked out Photoshop that it wouldn’t apply my “watermark”?  Can’t it be a clear-ish embossed look?  Anyone want a job????

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