Antler Hunting

For those of us with “cabin fever” … these fleeting springlike days are great temptations to get OUT…
OUT of our jobs, our houses, our ruts…
and hike in temperatures higher than 20 degrees…
with no knee deep mud…
or knee deep snow.
We can walk and see what the winter brought and is leaving behind.  So…
We antler hunt.
or hunt antlers.
Deer and elk drop their antlers every spring and regrow them over the summer.
Many people hunt antlers to sell them or use them in decorating, furniture construction, or jewelry…
For us, this pastime serves double duty this year, as my daughter Victoria is using antlers as decorations on tabletops at her outdoor wedding in July.  Victoria isn’t into fluff or lace or delicate details!  Antlers reflect her fiancee’s passion for hunting… and she is using old horseshoes to reflect her passion for the ranch.
antler hunting we went.
We walked fencelines and ditches and creek banks.
The dogs chased and ran and covered many miles.
Though we didn’t cover quite as many miles as they did… we still had a good hike.
We found nothing.  Not one.  No forked horns, or 3 points, or spikes.
Yes, we want to train the dogs to smell them out for us… but you need to find at least one fresh one to train with!  Perhaps we’ll try again tomorrow.

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