Blooming Snow

Sure enough, it is almost Easter… and so a snowstorm has hit!  I went to Worland tonight to a Pet First Aid Class… and decided to take this photo of our mailbox as I drove in just half an hour ago.  Though we only have 3 inches or so on the ground, it does look more impressive when I used my flash!
This storm, as infamous as our usual Halloween storm, has perpetually wreaked havoc with Easter egg hunts.  I used to feel so sorry for those little girls decked out in their Easter best, freezing and ruining their pastel nylon socks and sandals in the snow and mud…  Ten Sleep always has an egg hunt in the park… with bicycles for the grand prizes.  My kids always wanted to win, never did, and we managed to throw out those rock hard marshmallow candy covered nightmares after one bite.  But we tried every year…
Tonight, Daniel is the only one home for Easter… brother Brandon is feeling sick and will probably stay in Laramie and sleep… Victoria has plans with Matt.  Nevertheless, I think the Easter bunny will still stop in… he has to be very quick to avoid my guardian English Shepherds!  But really… another excuse to eat chocolate… can’t pass that up!
The best thing about this weekend of rebirth and snowstorms… all this snow will quench the thirst of the green grass trying to appear… and soon this land will bloom.
It is time for another Question and Answer entry on Saturday… Please send some questions in the comments section… and I’ll finish up with those already posed by some readers…

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