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I’m searching for a new name.
This blog comes free with my website… but it is hard for people to find and/or remember.  If you are looking for wonderful dogs, you can find the website by searching for English Shepherds and Wyoming… but if you only read one or two blog entries about calving or cowboying… it can be difficult to find your way back to the blog!
So, I spent part of today searching out new, unused titles that might be acceptable.
“Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”  Cutesy… but used by someone in Australia…
“Ranchhand”   Taken by a band…
“Cattle Call”  Great song… bad movie… seemingly used by too many actor type websites for obvious reasons… I’ll pass.
“Big Horn Mountains”  Taken by tourism groups…
“Ranchwife”… Taken… kinda… “Reminisces of a Ranchwife”… good title… oh, well.
I do kind of like “RanchHer” or “RancHer”… not taken!
Then there’s “ranchinwyoming”… also not taken.
I need to ask…
What brought you here?
My website?
My dogs?
My friend at Daily Coyote?  <thanks, Shreve!>
My relatives?
What memorable words would YOU use most to describe this blog?
Now, I can read my statistics… and I average over 200 hits a day… so, I’m challenging *each* of you!  Be brave, be bold… and leave a comment with just a few words that I might be able to use for this blog… Create a spiffy title or memorable memo… whatever you can add to the search!
Please help… your creativity level is 200x better than mine!  For fun, let’s just see how many readers can actually leave a comment!

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