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I had 30 (Thirty!  yes, thirty!) comments on yesterday’s entry!  Way to go, readers!  I’m just so tickled and thrilled you’d share like that!
A few words of clarification.  Yes, *I* call this blog, Overlook… but many readers don’t notice that and that is NOT what you type in to get here.  That is what I’m looking for… a name that people can just type in and find me by… Rimrock seems to be difficult to remember for some readers… perhaps it is more of a “western” term than I originally thought… and heck, sometimes my own vet can’t remember my dogs are *English* Shepherds!  This blog is about much more than my dogs anyway… which explains my search for a new name!
You had many great ideas…
Michael Martin Murphey, ah… “Wildfire”!  I have known his songs since high school… still have his albums… seen him in concert multiple times… my best friend even took me to see him when he came to Cody a few years back!  “Cowboy Logic” is a good song…  but me, a Cowgirl?  Neh.  I ride, but I’m no rodeoing buckaroo that drools for Buck Brannaman or Clinton Anderson…  I’ll let the real cowgirls handle that title, I don’t deserve it!
Free Spirit – love the idea…
ranchinwyoming – yeah, chose that because you can read it ranchin’ or ranch in… and I figured I’d snag anyone who was dreaming of buying a ranch because that’s what you type in… and it was my top pick…
Brown Dog Blog… way to go, Matt… that would have been Vernon’s creation too, I’m sure!  I see Toria and Daniel had your vote as well!  Sorry, family members, but I want a name about more than my “brown dogs”!  Good try, though!
Dawn to Dust… I like on many levels!
Red Dirt Ranchwife… has potential.
Daily Greet.  Ha!  Now, back in the day, when I did my pen and ink drawings and sold them on cards… I called them Greet Cards.  Everyone always tried to correct me, “Shouldn’t it be Greeting Cards?”  and I had to explain it to people who even knew my last name… I thought it was clever… so Daily Greet does appeal to me… but would I have to explain it?
RancHer… thanks for pointing out some might see it as rancor…
My Wyoming… oooooh, liked that one, but it is used by Wyoming Tourism and the Wyoming High School Activities Association.  Rats.
By far the most popular was “Red Dirt in my Soul”!  Wow.  Something that never occurred to me!  When you type it in Yahoo… my video comes up as the first item, too!  It does cover everything… should I change it a bit?  Red Dirt Spirit, Red Dirt Trail?  I’m in love with it the way it is… but???????  I’m highly prejudiced, and Red Dirt in my Soul does mean *so* much to me…
I’ll let you comment some more… your ideas have been fantastic… and I’ll sleep on things a bit… so if there is more input out there, keep it coming!
Just for kicks… let’s watch Red Dirt in My Soul ONE MORE TIME!

Red Dirt in My Soul from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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