Willow Creek

I awoke to 2 inches of snow on the ground and still falling…  a cup of coffee and some morning news and I looked up… the sun was shining… snow was melting.  It was springtime again!  True enough to Wyoming’s springtime, the wind was blowing… but *sunshine* is a glorious offering!

I have worked off and on all day on a project for Victoria… well… for Kaycee School and Buffalo Elementary.  I have been invited to be part of their historical rendezvous tomorrow!  I am giving a talk on the atlatl and I’m thrilled!
An atlatl?
Yup.  Don’t forget, I actually have that forlorn and neglected college degree in anthropology!
Most people have never heard of one… but atlatls were the weapon of choice for thousands of years.  The little bow and arrow has only been around the past 3000 years.  In fact, the atlatl was still used by Arctic peoples in historical times.  Tomorrow, I’ll give a tiny little demonstration to five different groups.  I’m taking my camera, and perhaps impose on some kind soul for a pic or two.
So I’m rising early… to drive the 2 hours to Kaycee… and conduct my important lessons until noon.
I’ve then said I’ll help Victoria’s class create some “fossils” that reflect different biomes.
We are scooting out for Casper after that to do some wedding shopping in the big city, and perhaps even buy some supplies for my bathroom renovation.  If there’s still room in my Durango, I’ll haul more things home from Mom’s house, and collapse into bed at Victoria’s.
Which means.
I’m not sure I’ll be available tomorrow night!  Oh, no!  If I can, I’ll post a photo… and it might just be my own version of Wordless Wednesday on Thursday!
Just wanted to give you a heads up.  This will be the first time since Mom’s funeral that I will have missed a night, and I *really* do hate missing a day with you!  If I can, I’ll sure post, especially since we are in the midst of searching for a name and I hate to break up the conversation!
Keep the ideas coming, I’ve enjoyed them all.
Below is Willow “Creek”, the tiny ephemeral stream behind my house, looking south this afternoon.  Pretty white mountains in the distance…

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