Wyoming springtime produced the perfect day today.

No snow.
No wind.
No hovering grey clouds.
So after a brilliant morning of straightening the house and actually training, yes, training on my three English Shepherds, and cooking lunch, I took off on a hike!
The plan was multifold…
get the dogs and I some serious sunshine and a good walk…
find some fossils…
find some antlers…
and so, we were off.
My goal was close to home, but it takes some work to get in the right position!
Nevertheless, it was worth it.
The rocks up here were gorgeous… covered with lichen in my favorite earth tones.
Somewhere around here, Daniel has stashed an elk antler in a juniper… unless some hunter helped himself to it!  I couldn’t find it…  but I enjoyed the walk anyway.
Then l proceeded to search for some fossil squid… aka belemnites.  There’s one by my trowel!
I found a few perfect ones… and some broken in half… The broken ones will be perfect for my fossil “chair rail” in my new bathroom… flattened on one side will be easier to apply to the wall!
If you desire to own some of your own belemnites, Daily Coyote occasionally sells some at her Etsy shop.
After hiking and looking and digging and hiking, a seep was the best place to take a break.
<The seep is in the cave below Boomer>
We returned home just in time to cook a meatloaf and mashed potatoes for supper… and drink a cold one!
My legs tell me I should hike everyday!  I’d love to… because I failed at my goal of finding some antlers… and what could be better than a nice long hike with four dogs in the Wyoming sunshine?

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