A while back, someone asked about eartags…

Every place is different, keep that in mind… but here our system is pretty simple.
If a cow is born is 2004… her eartag will start with a 4.  Rarely do we keep cows over ten years, so this usually isn’t a problem having one from 1994 as well as one from 2004.  The last two digits are close to what her ‘baby’ number was, but that we leave up to Johnny when he makes tags for the replacement heifers.
Are you confused?
Well, just remember the year she was born… and that every year her calf’s number will match hers.
Like this.
If it is a steer… it’ll be sold… if it’s a heifer and she’s good enough to keep for a replacement, she’ll grow up and get a new number of her own.  This calf would become 041… being born in 2010.  Get it?
Why bother?
We keep track of genetics and illness and other things… but most of all, on days like today… we can make sure we have the mom and her baby when we pair them out on grass.
We’ve already sorted most pairs out of the bunch… things are slowing down… just look at Panama’s ears… the perfect picture of a relaxed horse!
What we leave behind has either a tiny newborn baby, hasn’t calved yet, or has a blue tag, and those go to a different location!
Well, looky, looky!  Guess who came to help today??  It is SOOOOOOO nice to have extra help… the three of us usually have to work ourselves to death doing this, but today there were 7 riders!  Can you tell she’s having fun?
Once we arrive, we pair them again.  That way no idiot cow, or calf, runs back two miles in search of momma or baby… they know each other are out there and they can go to eating all of that luscious grass!  It takes time, and it can be a pain, but pairing them up saves a lot of work!  If we didn’t do this, by tomorrow the majority would be back at the fenceline bawling for each other.  Eartags make mothering them up a piece of cake!

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