Meet Brownie

Yesterday as we kicked those 100 pairs out on grass, Vernon was test driving a new horse.

Meet the brown horse.
No name.
Well, there’s probably a name on his papers, but we haven’t seen them.  Pretty papers don’t make a good horse… so we’ll look at them if we buy him.
“Brownie” works for now.
Definitely a boss horse, steps right out and wants to be in front… and was a tad irritated when Panama and I passed him for this photo!
Did watch a cow…
Seemed to be fairly quiet…
Had a fairly good handle on him…
Hmmmm…  this one might have potential as opposed to the little flashy mare I tried out last year!  Of course, this guy is coming 7… and has 3 years of experience on her.  I told S. last year, I’d probably like her if she was 7 or 8… and this boy is right there!
Vernon will ride him next week as well… and when Brandon comes home… he’ll ride him.  See what he thinks… and then… perhaps we’ll have to come up with a name for “Brownie”.
Since Brandon came up with Panama’s name… who knows what city or country this horse will be named after!
Or maybe he’ll just be called Ol’ Swallowfork…
<what you call an earmark on a cow that looks like that!>

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