Blue Sky Gift

Wonderful Wyoming did it again…

We awoke to rain with an occasional snowflake.  For a bit, it was a full blizzard, then it backed off!
Needless to say, Vernon voted for his tractor and plowing again, and I blasted off for the Mills Place to throw some paint on the walls. I painted ceilings first, in the spare bedroom, hallway, and one master closet.  I have to switch around while painting, either my shoulder gets sore or my hand goes numb… so I roller on some paint, then do some trim with the paintbrush.  When I get a kink in my neck it’s time for some great cold artesian well water and a look around, thinking, debating, planning.  Then back at it.  I suppose my process would drive some people crazy, but I’ve found it works for me… and much less Advil is needed at the end of the day.
With Victoria’s help, I decided on a color called Woven Basket… a shade deeper than my kitchen and dining room.  This spare bedroom will be where my Indian stuff will go… my beaded dress (you’ve seen the top here), other beadwork, my buffalo collection, archaeology posters… and maybe one of my antelope mounts.  Accent colors will be an owl brown and sky blue turquoise… at least that’s my plan!  I’ll take a photo at some point!
The rain that was snow and then rain again blew away with the strong afternoon winds… but its gift was a blue sky this evening.
Tomorrow it’s back to the cowboy life… if weather permits!

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