I am so ready for a soak in a hot tub… but I don’t own one.
It’s not that we traveled a lot of distance as the crow flies… it was like six or seven miles total crow distance…
or that we kicked hundreds of pairs out… it was more like 40 or so…
But if I could have helicoptered number 014 and her stupid little calf out to the badlands, I would have!  You had to stay right on her hip to keep her going.  Be somewhere else and she’d stop.  Get frustrated and run her up a bit, and she’d lose her calf and go bawling around til she found him.  The calf was just as bad.  014 would be five steps away and the calf would look over the edge of the draw… just KNOWING that’s the way mom was!  But, she was a good mom… at least she cared where her calf was.
As we arrived back at the fields, Johnny asked if I’d help him kick out some steers that had come back in to just behind my house.  Sure.  I wasn’t freezing any more… the wind had practically stopped and it was currently sunny… my heavy Carhartt and headband, scarf and gloves were almost too much… Another two miles?  No problem.  Lucas could do a little more.
Ugh.  We gathered everything for two miles and kicked them out another mile and THEN returned home.  It was a nice ride, and 014 wasn’t in this bunch, but I felt so sorry for Lucas.  He was having to work too hard, and I could tell his foot wrap wasn’t holding up.  He still worked when necessary, but quickly shaded up under a sagebush when he could.
But we’ve both made it…
though if you know a dog/people masseuse, please send them over…
there’s two very sore patients right here!

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