Reining Again, Part Two

We’re going to finish out your reins…

This is the end that will attach to your hackamore or your bit.  We use snaffle bits on almost every horse, so that is what I braid for.
To attach to the bit you need to create a loop, like this one.
You do this in two steps.  Once you’ve almost reached the end of your rope (haha… just HAD to say that!) you’ll split your 8 strand braid back into two 4 strand braids.  Make these 4 strand braids about 2 inches long… and then braid back into your 8 strand just long enough to create your loop.  This may vary depending on your equipment, but about 3 inches should be enough.
Enough numbers for you?  Blech.  Are you confused yet?
The end will be tied with what is called a Terminal Turk’s Head knot.  Terminal meaning ending… Turk’s Head because it resembles a turban.
My photos of this didn’t turn out well, so I’m gonna cheat and just tell you you’ll have to research this one on your own…  It’s a difficult knot to explain, and it usually takes me a few tries to get it right myself!  Just know that you can do it, just take your time, and there are lots of places on the internet and in books to help you!
The ends all come up through the “turban” where you clip them and I melt them back into themselves to solidify the knot.
Your Turk’s Head will then go through your 4 weave “hole”… and you’ve created your loop!
Of course, a slight tug and the turban would fall back out… so you’ll have to make some “keepers” to “keep” your turban in place, plus hold your popper on.  Keepers will squeeze that hole shut to hold the turban, like my fingers are doing here.
Keepers are for tomorrow!

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