Questions and Answers – May Edition

My apologies for not posting last night.

I don’t know how Vernon managed to stay awake long enough to get us home, but, thankfully, he did.  We arrived about 12:45 am… after leaving home at 5 am that morning… and there was NOT going to be a post, I’m lucky I was awake long enough to change into pajamas!
I’ll post about Daniel’s graduation soon, but tonight, as promised, I’ll answer your questions.
Sally wanted to know where I obtained the poppers for my reins.  If you look closely at the photos you can tell they are old, used leather.  I simply raid the tack room in the barn… and dig out old wide reins, old latigos, or pieces of harness and cut them up!
Marilyn wondered how I de-skunk a dog!  It’s easy enough… 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 C baking soda, and a little Dawn dishwashing detergent.  Wash the dog… wait 5 minutes and rinse.  It works great!
Gee, I was even asked for the story of how Vernon and I met!  Ruth and Glen, I’ll answer that in an upcoming entry… how’s that?  Though hardly a novel… I’d like to write a better tale than what I have room for right now.  So, hold onto your hats!
Many people have inquired into how Half Pint is doing.  Since we grafted her onto her new mom, #826, she has done well.  She now is out on grass, one of the many pairs we kicked out a couple of weeks ago.  We do go out and check on them, but there’s plenty of country, and we can’t see each and every cow out there.  That means there is no way I could get a photo of them unless I stumble upon them!  However, I’ll keep my eyes open and see if I can spot her.  When we gather them for branding around the first of June, I can definitely take a pic then!
Ali and Vince had a good question about my membership with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  My grandfather was 3/4 Choctaw, my grandmother was white.  That made my mom 3/8… and me, 3/16.  My children, 3/32, are also enrolled.  You might be “adopted” into the tribe, an honor reserved for few people… but I’m not sure of the privileges that gets you. There are lots of details I could fill in, but I think I’ll make that into its own post at a later date!
Alice wondered “How in the world do you have time to run a ranch, train dogs, and do all these other crafts & things? Do you ever sleep?”  Wow.  Alice, honestly, I don’t do that much around here.  I’m pretty lazy when I compare myself to many of my neighbors, so I really try not to do that!  Vernon would laugh hysterically if he heard you ask about me running the ranch… I am a part time hired hand, he and Johnny do most of the work, and just come get me when they’re desperate!  I love my dogs… and so they fill part of my days… and I like to do something while I sit in front of the tv at night, so that’s where the crafts come into play.  I just don’t feel like anyone cares if I mop my floor, or cook a few meals, or vacuum, or do laundry… so when I do work, I take lots of photos to share, and it just LOOKS like I do a lot!
Well, that concludes the May version of Question and Answer… you’ve asked some good questions, as usual… and save up some more for the first week of June when we’ll do this over again!

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