I’m Cooking… in More Ways than One!

My mother was a great cook.

My sister is a fantastic cook.
Not so much.
I do it because it is part of the job description for ranchwife… like filing cards in the card file when I was a librarian… or paperwork when I was an archaeologist… there’s always part of the job that leaves a little to be desired…  For me… that’s cooking.
We’re branding our first little bunch of calves on Saturday… and our neighbors and friends who work with us get paid with a meal… hopefully, a good one!
It is predicted to be a nice day… but lately the wind has held a chill nonetheless… so we decided on Frito Pie for the meal.  Frito Pie is simply a bowl of Fritos topped with chili, cheese, onion, and lettuce.  Plus Daniel’s favorite orange jello salad, a broccoli/cauliflower salad, and desserts.  It is actually one of the smaller branding meals I’ve ever made… I hope it turns out OK!
So today I made peach cobbler.  Usually it is strawberry-rhubarb cobbler… but this cold spring has my rhubarb about 5 inches high…
I also made pecan pie and brownies.
I cooked all the hamburger I’ll use in the chili.
Tomorrow I’ll finish up the salads.
Saturday morning I’ll make the drinks and throw the chili ingredients in a crock pot to heat.
Victoria is making the ever popular Monster Cookies for me… that’s a big help!
When the guys came in for lunch.. their pitiful faces reflected the misery of having to wait to eat all these goodies… so I whipped them up a Lemonade Pie to make them feel better.
There’s not much to show for what I feel like I’ve cooked… I suppose that’s just my unfavorable attitude towards cooking!
After the guys finished their branding preparations, we lit out for the Mills place and I just have to share the transformation in the paint color.  Remember how I hated the peachiness of the color with my dress?  Well, the new color is called Camel… and it is gorgeous!
I intended to paint over the brown and blue… but my boys insisted I wait on that decision.  You can see where I started but the boys stopped me.  I can fix that!  The room is MUCH warmer and it matches my dress.  I also tried… really… to move my bed away from the dress, but the only other place to put it is in front of the doorway.
I really don’t like it there.
I wanted to have my desk facing the window.
That means I must put my bed under my dress, even though so many of you encouraged me not to!
If I change my mind about my desk… then a different place is possible for the bed… but for now, I’ve decided I’ll decorate around that position.
I can’t wait!  I’m SO EXCITED about this room!  This kind of creative “cooking” I can handle!
I know my computer and desk will ruin the “mood”, but perhaps I could throw my buffalo robe over them and hide them!  Ha!

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