Not Quite Making It

Today was the kind of day that summers should be made of… 72, sunny, and NO WIND!  Absolutely perfect!

I finished planting my garden… hoping that the frost of the 14th would be the last one until fall!
I mowed my lawn and started on the lawn at the Mills place until I ran out of gas… then I smooshed in a little bit of trim painting.
Running around helping move equipment this evening… we spied the bull elk that have been coming into our field.  Their antlers are growing fast… and if I can ever get closer I’ll post a pic… but the ones I’ve been taking are the kind that you say, “See the little brown dot?  That’s an elk!”  OK, maybe a tad better than that, but still not very good!
Before I forget…
Lemonade Pie!
It’s one of those “cheater” pies… too easy to make!
One small frozen lemonade
Mix with one can of Eaglebrand sweetened condensed milk
Add one medium container of Cool Whip.
Pour into graham cracker crust.
That’s it folks!
What?  You think this is Pioneer Woman‘s website?  Ha!  You funny.
I can do step by step Calving or Trailing Cattle… but cooking.  NO.
If any Photoshop people out there can tell me how to get rid of the white background on my drop shadow photos, I’d sure appreciate it!  I go round and round and can’t quite get there.  I know it’s easy, but I can’t remember how to do it for the life of me!  And I WILL WRITE IT DOWN SO I NEVER EVER EVER FORGET AGAIN.  I promise.
Here I go, trying to be creative and NOT QUITE making it…
Branding Montage 2010

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