Going Great Guns

I was happy to see that my post from yesterday had such a good response.  It does make you think!  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’M ALL FOR ENERGY INDEPENDENCE… my Dad worked for oil companies for most of his career life.  I know a few things about the oil business… but independence to me means to try to be self supporting.  I’d LOVE to be off-grid and/or sell back electricity to the power company… but such large scale efforts so far removed from where the power is needed seems… an easy out for the large population who are passing on being “self” supporting and looking elsewhere for their energy needs.

“We’ll get our coal and oil and gas and wind power from Wyoming because we need it and we don’t want to mine or drill or build ugly windmills HERE.  There’s too many of us on the coast and NO ONE lives in Wyoming.”
I really try to keep my mouth shut and make this a happy blog… it just sometimes leaks out!
Can’t someone design a single home unit windmill much like a box fan that mounts on the windward side of houses?  Why does everything have to be large scale?  Why can’t every rich person who built himself a home on a creek put in a micro hydro unit and power his 6,000 square foot house on his own?
I’m shutting up now!
Farming is going great guns… Vernon and the boys are seeding, leveling, getting ready to irrigate, and going every which way.
Speaking of great guns… a friend and I had a wonderful day of plinking around with my new .22 and my old .243.  It was fun and full of random conversation and if she blogs about it… I promise I’ll link to it!  It was an enjoyable “day off”.
Now, to lighten the mood…
Who needs cats on a ranch… when Agent 537 is on Pigeon Patrol?  Poooooh!

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