Indian Room – Finished!


So maybe it’s only 95% finished…
No curtains yet…
No bedspread.  Though I’m debating between a microsuede from or dyeing my own duvet cover…
No baseboards…
One little bare spot I’m looking for a photo frame to fit…
It’s gone from peachy walls to warm camel… and now it’s decorated!
Here’s the view from the doorway.  I just have this offwhite blanket on the bed for now… debating on dyeing it or buying a  cocoa colored microsuede comforter.  Who was it that pointed out the “skulls” on my door?  Thank you!  I notice them every time now, and though I liked the door before, now it just fits.
This little table is the perfect size for the bedside… though I don’t own it (yet)… I think I’ll make an offer on it!  It’s awesome.  The pottery pieces are done by our local art teacher… we gave them to Mom for Mother’s Day a few years back.
Notice my little buffalo finial…
This wall holds my tiny arrowhead collection, an ocarina, an atlatl dart, bow, painted art from high school (oooooh, very old and vintage!), my Boone and Crockett antelope and a plaque with my B&C antelope score.  I have been to the “End of the Trail” statue in Oklahoma City… it’s HUGE.  Though I was impressed with it, what gave me the goose bumps was the small statue outside with an Indian trying to see the Little People hiding underneath the bank he was on.  I can’t remember its name or find it on the ‘net… and I digress…
This is the wall opposite the dress… On the left is my ladder made by a friend, an archaeology poster, my atlatl, a buffalo painting (gift from my brother & sil), an antler with various beadwork bags, a metal feather I bought over Christmas, the mirror bought by my dad and given to my mom on her 49th birthday, my turkey feather fan, and Daniel’s beaded baby moccasins.
Oh, that’s my friend’s buffalo robe over the chair… she’s busy teaching missionary children in Africa… so I get to babysit the buffalo robe.
This chair isn’t mine either (yup, gonna make an offer on it).  It’s vintage.  In good shape except for one button… and is a VERY comfortable rocker!  LOVE.
And this.  A photo of Victoria in her cradleboard… leaning up against a pine tree with lupines around her… LOVE LOVE this!
On the old dresser (from Mom’s) are a huge book (from my library days), pottery from a trip to Colorado, and a few items from my buffalo collection.  A tipi tile works as a coaster to protect the top.  Sweet grass is now in the vases, adding a *wonderful* smell to the room.
Can’t forget this handmade basket from a friend.
The window wall holds my buffalo skull (another gift) and feathers.  The buffet will be replaced by my mom’s desk… whenever I go get it!  And I’m going to remake some curtains into a simple valance.
That’s it!
It just seems like it came together automatically and wonderfully (after the peachiness went away!).
I can move on to the master bedroom…
It’s still full of the previous owner’s belongings… no room for a bed… but I’ll start painting around the pile and hope that at some point… a bed, a dresser, and some decorating will come together and create another great room!

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