Dirt Slick


A gorgeous day… not a cloud in the sky.  Snow on the mountain, yes, but VERY nice here.  Plus the creek DIDN’T flood the way the National Weather Service predicted!  All good news.
The bad news…  I spent practically all day inside cooking a birthday cake, macaroni salad, and then lunch and then somehow it was 7 pm and time to cook hamburgers for some of Daniel’s friends.  Daniel, amazingly, turned 22 today.
I took an album full of photos today, but first wanted to share some from yesteday.
Yesterday, when it was POURING rain… and Vernon and I were working on the Mills place… Daniel came driving up in the big tractor.  Huh?  It’s 3 miles from home, what was he doing?  Come to find out, an REA (Rural Electric Association) truck had run off the gravel road another 2 miles east.
DO NOT ask us what the *(&^%%$# the REA guy was doing…
It had been raining for 2 days.  He drove *OFF* the gravel onto just the red dirt road which *everyone* knows is slicker than snot when it rains…
See that part of his pickup’s back end in front of the tractor?  He was definitely off the road.  There’s Vernon mudding up to see if he can help.  Me?  I’m keeping the pickup warm.  Figured they didn’t need my wisdom… I’d stay out of the rain, because it was definitely RAINING.
The correct angle… a shortened chain… and he’s out.
Hopefully, Mr. REA learned the lesson of the day…

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