Thrilled with Green

They did it.  My kids (+1) finished AI-ing our heifers today… on schedule… with no major worries!


(The scale house was the center of the action.)

That was even after my boys and I went to the dance last night and got home at midnight!
Yes… as Ginny stated in her comment yesterday… It DID rain off and on and off and on yesterday, so the dance started late.
They DID hold it in the rodeo arena and managed to pack down the dirt fairly well… it wasn’t a dance floor, but it was better than I expected.  Lots of people DID dance, here’s a better photo of them.
(Face it.  Ten Sleep is a small community!)
Today I had the assignment of picking up Vernon and Brandon after they trailed some of our heifers down to their new green pasture.
Can ya see ’em?
How ’bout now?
The cowboy hat is ON today!
The heifers, and their bull, were thrilled with the green grass!

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