Getting Wet

After gathering, sorting, branding, re-sorting, and trailing to new pastures… it was time to move our *first* bunch we’d branded into a new pasture.

We set out under mostly cloudy skies… but both Accu-Weather and NOAA had both declared the day was going to be sunny.
My slicker still hadn’t migrated to my saddle from the pickup… which wasn’t at the house this morning anyway since Brandon was using the Dodge.  Thankfully, I’m usually cold and have a jacket at hand.
Good thing.
See my wet horse… with more clouds headed my way.
See my wet dog… see my wet muddy dog.
<Ooooh! and see the new reins at work!>
See me and the cows getting wet…
At least I wore more than Daniel, who rode all day in a t-shirt!
It’s time for another Q&A session too!  The first week of June is almost over… already… and it’s traditionally the first week of the month I open this blog up for questions.  So, let’s do it… post your questions here for the next two days, and I’ll answer them on Thursday.

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