Happiness Ensued

Victoria and I went to her bridal shower Wednesday night…  wow! what a turnout!

 I remember mine, in fact the same lady hosted mine (~29 years ago) and Victoria’s!… I reviewed my wedding book, many people were there for me that attended Victoria’s.
I remember not knowing a soul but one or two friends and my mom… now most of those women have become my friends and are now celebrating my daughter’s wedding… COOL!
Victoria is already busy writing the multitude of thank-you notes!
The guys had to travel up the mountain the other day… and lookie what they found!  Too bad it’s not a matched set!  These are elk antlers that they shed every spring and regrow…. and these are *nice* ones too!
I HAVE to show you what I did today…  for YEARS I’ve tried to have the guys teach me how to weld… and spend *time* with me going over it.  Yesterday, finally, Brandon was nice and helped me out!  Yesterday was fairly frustrating, I had a hard time getting it to arc, but today!  Today was easy!  I’m definitely flunking at this point, but I’m trying to be artistic, I’m not welding pipelines or powerplants like two of my uncles have done.  And today, alone… I created this guy.
What?  Can’t see him?  Well, this was step one… and I’m using the *tons* of scrap metal littering the floor of this old shop…  He’s not done, but he’s stuck together and I was alone, so laughter and <happy dance> ensued!  I think I can have fun with this!
Thank you SO MUCH, Brandon!


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