Muses and Cranes


I repeat,
Well, partly cloudy this morning, but by afternoon the sky was brilliant blue and the high temperature was around 74… 30 degrees warmer than yesterday.
I spent some of the morning pulling weeds from my garden, amazingly enough, weeds don’t stop growing just because it is raining…  When I get it looking presentable, I’ll take a photo… but not yet… no, not yet!
Then this afternoon I went welding again.  I am verrrrry close to being finished with my Crane and all his water grasses that he’s standing in… I even included the sun and a few rays.  The border was hard and boring to do in a way, the cement floor in that shop is cracked and warped and trying to weld uneven pieces laying on a floor with variances of 3 inches got to be a tad challenging!… I need to look at it some more and see where some more support needs to be added.
My dilemma is that I really do try to give away my first attempt at a new craft, just to make the Muses happy in hopes they’ll return to me in the future for further inspiration.  This one.  My Welded Crane in Grass.  I don’t know if I can bear to part with it!
Technically it won’t be finished until I figure out what I’m doing with it… I envision it as a section of decorative fence perhaps around my studio.  Or at least a gate.  But I don’t want to irritate the Muses.  Does it count if I give it away to Brandon and just use it?
Next will be learning how to use the cutting torch…  While just using what’s in the pile, and it is a *big* pile… I’ve already thought about cutting pieces to fit.  I think I’ve worked on this Crane for about 7 or 8 hours… at 4 foot square, it’s going to take a looooong time to build a fence.
My next one might just be random design, not a picture!
I will get a photo of it tomorrow… for tonight, how about a photo of the brown horse?

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