Crane In Grass

K, Folks, here it is!

My “Crane in Grass” is making its completed debut…
I know…
DEFINITELY not square, which is easy to see outdoors but in the dark shop on an uneven floor it was more, uh… difficult.  I can eyeball things much better than that!
I also found out… there’s no overs in welding.  Once it’s stuck… it’s stuck pretty good!   Unless I’ve done a horrific welding job!
I’ve decided I need to invest in some vise grips or clamps to help me in my new endeavour.  I also have cleared off a different spot in the shop, one that’s level!  My next project won’t have this uneven floor excuse.
I actually welded a useful item today… but it’s a surprise, I’ll share pics when the gift has been gifted!
I managed to build my little practical project this morning, then I started mowing the tall tall grass at the Mills place until the lawnmower broke, then I perfataped the bathroom until I ran out of mud, then I stained my log for my bathroom (details later), and then I wandered about the Mills lawn wishing for a wheelbarrow, nippers, and trimmer – none of which I have up there!
My productive day quickly tapered off… but it’s better than what my boys are doing right now!  Daniel called at 6 pm and said he was stuck on the mountain while fixing fence.  Brandon left to go pull him out… it’s now after 10 and they haven’t returned.  Vernon just left to bring them home, they’ve more than likely stuck both pickups now, and that means a tractor trip to the mountain tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy my Crane as much as I do… I still do my <happy dance> when I see it!

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