Nothing like being in the saddle for 7 hours to help define your achy spots!  If your elbow was tender before, now you know you weren’t imagining things!
The morning I spent weeding my garden… and then I cooked a big lunch.  I knew we were moving cows after lunch, and more often than not, we aren’t done in good time.
I hate being right.
Out of the pasture. Check.
Through the Mills place (where Daniel cut hay this morning!).  Check.
Through the neighbor’s place under some lovely red bluffs.  Check.
Across a small bridge.  Check.
Up the grey ridge road.  Check.
Into the badlands and then almost immediately through another gate.  Check.
Along the ridge.  Check.
Over and down the other side of the ridge.  Uh… nope. Rats.  Well, all but 3 calves… and Brandon returned one to the bunch, and so did I.  One poopy little calf ran all the way back to the gate.  We let it go.
Past the tiny reservoir and onto the flower covered flat to pair them out.  Check.
Find the errant calf’s mom and Daniel heads out with her.  Check.
We kick the last of the pairs down onto the large reservoir.  Check.
We ride fast to catch up to Daniel and help with the cow.  Helllooooooo.   Hellllllllllloooo!
Where’d Daniel go?  The junipers cover the slope and we don’t see him.
We ride clear back to the corner and there stands Errant Calf.  We turn it towards its mom and trail it back again.  Halfway there we meet Daniel.  The cow got on the fight and wouldn’t leave the junipers, she’s down by the flower covered flat.  OK…
Back we go.  On the flat we find mom, not even missing her calf yet.  Cow… sometimes!
Cow and calf reunited.  Check.
We ride over the ridge and thankfully, there’s the horse trailer.  I was VERY glad we didn’t have to ride all the way home!
Load horses and dogs.  Check.
Go home.  CHECK!

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