Good Ride, Cowboy

Well, my question from yesterday wasn’t too difficult to figure out…

Yes.  We managed a trip over the mountain to Kaycee to attend the dedication of Chris LeDoux’s Memorial Park.  Many of you will recognize Chris’ name from the rodeo world and from country music.  If you watch some of my videos, I’ve used his songs, so many of them are about Wyoming and ranch life and are near and dear to my heart!
We did work half a day, so we missed the dignitaries and the actual unveiling of his statue, but that was OK… The size and a half statue was still there!  It is pretty amazing, picturing Bareback World Champion Chris LeDoux on Stormy Weather.  The bronze is entitled “Good Ride, Cowboy” of course, paying homage to Garth Brook’s song written after Chris’ death.  Garth Brooks was there for a while Friday night, but left, letting the weekend belong to Chris’ memory.  Since we were there Saturday, we didn’t see him, but I felt it was pretty cool that he came.
Western Underground , who used to be his backup band, played on Main Street.
Between the Invasion Bar…
Then there’s new daddy Ned LeDoux, who plays drums in the band…
Though it’s pretty hard to resist those dimples… I’m pretty sure you need to take a close look at This Cowboy’s Hat.    I’m not sure… but is that his dad’s hat?  It had to be an emotional day for the entire family…
I took videos… or I thought I did, I was SO disgusted to get home and realize I had pushed the button and captured only about 3 seconds of each of my favorite songs.  <sigh>  But at the end, Ned tossed his drumsticks out into the crowd and I would have caught one, but it was tipped and landed in the arms of M. who, conveniently, is Brandon’s girlfriend!  How neat!  We had to get it autographed… see?  He’s holding it!
Then M. and S. posed for a GREAT photo!
But, really… bestest of ALL… was tonight when M. decided to present me with it!  So Ned LeDoux’s drumstick lays here beneath my computer… I was thrilled!  Thanks, M.!
God Bless Chris LeDoux!

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