Time Saved

We’ve been plagued with breakdowns of equipment… it’s frustrating for the guys.

I can’t help much.  I’m good for finding a 3/8″ wrench, and passing it to them… but other than that…  I cook meals.
So I asked what they needed help with today and I was sent out to expand the water gap.  It’d save one of them having to do that, and they could concentrate on mechanic work.  I’d take the four wheeler, drive up the highway to the Mills place… then back into the hills for another 3 miles or so.
My partner for the day… Boomer.  Yeah.  Surprise.  He’s the only dog that loves riding on the four wheeler.  Lucas doesn’t have good enough muscles/balance, Elsa is spooked by it… Dally hasn’t ridden that much and I needed to work, not train a dog.
Out as far as we were working, the only power is solar.
We’ve kept the cows out of the water gap, trying to convince them to stay on the backside of the pasture as well as avoid the major repair work on fencelines needed from spring flood damage.  Water levels haven’t been down all that long.
The good thing about electric fencing… the supplies needed are minimal.
Now the cows can get a drink here… see the hoof prints went right along the edge of the water where the fence used to be!  This will encourage the cows to use this part of the creek… and bring them to the “front” of the pasture to new grass.
Definitely not a big job… but a time consuming one…
and a pretty drive in pretty country…

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