It seems as if my days are slowing down…  my usual June allergies have arrived… and the impairment on my breathing seems to make me tired and lethargic.  The itchy, watery eyes and sneezing don’t seem to help either.

The guys are apologetic when they come in the house covered in pollen, and I visit for a bit, then abandon them for a room with “cleaner” air… or I go outside.
Daniel knocked down the field next to my house today, so perhaps that will help.
I actually handle my allergies much better than when I first arrived on the ranch.  Vernon used to hate hearing my “Rice Krispies breathing” at night!  Every year I think I’m getting better… and then they hit!
I meant to go check on the robin’s nest today… I will for sure tomorrow.
I finished mowing my lawn and watered today.  As wet as we were a week ago, with all this heat, everything has turned dry as a bone.
To celebrate the hottest day we’ve had, I decided to try my hand at Victoria’s wedding cake.  She’s tried and tried the regular carrot cake recipe, and has had nothing but failure… I cheated, used a spice cake *mix*, yes, I said *mix*… but added a jar of baby food carrots and 2 cups of grated carrots.  It actually turned out well.  At least the guys say so.  Seems that I’ve lost my sense of taste lately.  I blame the fish oil capsules the doctor recommended I take… and I hope it comes back!  Nothing has tasted good for a month!
My kitchen is trashed, so I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…
Plus my old company hired me back for a short 6 week job… so I’ll be teaching Korean kids tomorrow evening!
Don’t forget… our steers sell tomorrow morning about 10-10:30 am Mountain Time on RFD-tv and the internet!
I’m tired, but I did create a panorama shot from my journey fixing the electric fence in the water gap.  I didn’t Photoshop out the spots my camera now makes… sorry!

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