Good News/Bad News

Well, like the old joke says, there’s good news and bad news.

GOOD NEWS:  The tractor part that Vernon drove to Billings for was the correct part…
BAD NEWS:  Turns out the transmission is broken, calling for a two week stint at the repair shop.
GOOD NEWS:  We trailed our first little bunch of cattle to the Mesa Pasture Wednesday morning…
BAD NEWS:  The ram pump in the Mesa Pasture (although it worked fine for four days last week) is now broken.  We can’t move more cattle up until it gets repaired.
GOOD NEWS:  We got an awesome price for our steers at the sale Tuesday…
BAD NEWS:  We’re spending that money pretty fast for all these repairs.
GOOD NEWS:  The afternoon was cooled down by a fast moving thunderstorm today while I was overheating in Worland… buying parts…
BAD NEWS:  The thunderstorm produced five, yes, FIVE,  fires from lightning which the guys had to stop haying to go fight.  All are now out, and everyone is home and well-fed…
Sometimes it gets a little hard to find the good news to match the bad, but you better be an optimist if you’re going to be in the ag business!
Tomorrow will bring you photos of our short trail to the Mesa… Dally did me proud!  Here she is, lips curled back in a snarl, ready to nip those heels!

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