Happy Birthday, America!

I can’t help it…

The 4th of July in Ten Sleep is our BIG holiday…
Not that we have tons of friends and family visiting… we don’t.
Not that I’m cooking for 50 people… I’m not.
Not that there isn’t a list of work to be done on the ranch… there is.
It’s more…
A day to visit with all our neighbors and friends at the rodeo.
A day of photography.
A day of relaxation (for the most part).
A day of snow cones and fry bread.
In reality it is the two days of the 365 that speak of FUN for me.
This is C. D..  The same C. D. that gave me one of my best shots from last year.  The same C. D. that always has a smile and time to visit whenever I see him somewhere… he’s the same age as my boys… and his mom used to be our Physical Education teacher here in Ten Sleep.  He’s a good kid.
I’m heading out again…  to the rodeo and photography and then a barbeque and friends.
I’ll grab more photos then share them with you the rest of the week…
if you missed my Twitter/Facebook update…
I just have to brag.
ThePioneerWoman blog had a contest for “Americana” this week.  One of my rodeo photos was chosen as one of the top ones!  I didn’t make the finalists, but hey, I’m thrilled!  You can see the proof here.  (Yes, it’s the same one I used yesterday)

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