Good Morning Ride

Like most Wyoming ranches this time of year, we spend a large amount of our time moving cattle to higher elevation pastures for the summer.  Yesterday another bunch of our cattle made it to the mesa…

This time all five of us rode since we had about twice as many head as last time.
It was a cool day and an unexpected rain the night before cut down on the dust level.  Half a mile of this trail can be a powdery mess.  Oftentimes the dust will be so thick that visibility is restricted to seven cow lengths.  That is a technical term widely used by the National Weather Service, isn’t it?
There’s no air quality alerts listing cow lengths in its description?
Ah, well.  I must have imagined it.
Early morning caught us in the Double Crossing.  So named because the stage road that once ran through here had to cross the Nowood River twice in this area.
I tried to get my dogs to swim across and goose up some cattle.  They refused.  If I wasn’t going, why should they?  Little turkeys.  What they did do was spook up a family of mallards.  Those ducklings hit their top speed in no time!
Victoria and Jazz helped us along…  Jazz did quite well…
Another good morning spent with family, dogs, horses, cattle, and great Wyoming scenery…
Leave any questions you might have for me in the comments section.
I’ll answer them soon!

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