Girl Day

You’ve all given me a laugh with your titles for yesterday’s photo…

They were creative and fun!

Wyoming Gate Inspector made me giggle…

The “Overlook” quotation was creative and pertains to the old name of this blog which was, ta-da!  Overlook!

I have to say this was my favorite… “Wish somebody would invent a remote control gate.”  (See, Holly, you *should* comment more!)

Daniel is busy latching the gate from horseback after we’ve trailed cows through it…

His own contribution was entitled “Lazy.”

Thanks for all your comments!


Today was spent in preparation for the wedding…

Victoria and I had highlights put in our hair… 

and made appointments for manicures!  


I know.

I laughed too!

But Victoria said you only get married once and she’s treating me to my first manicure… it only has to last two days!

Plus my best friend has now dressed me for the wedding… 

Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do…

She’s found me a nice blouse and skirt and recommended which shirt and jeans to wear too…  Believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds and she deserves a medal for putting up with my odd body shape and likes/dislikes.  It’s such a casual wedding… but I can still hear my mom’s voice telling me to dress “nice”… “I was raised better than that!”  so I feel I need to look “nice”!  I may be 51, but I still mind my mother!


Just a reminder:

Leave your question for me in the comment section…

I’ll answer them tomorrow!

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