You Yucca Two

Since we’re on the subject,

I had to share a bit more about the yucca plant.
I *LIKE* yuccas…
Consider this “more than you ever wanted to know about a plant in Wyoming”.
Yuccas are versatile.
The tips are sharp, needle-like, and no, you don’t want to walk through a patch of them.
The individual leaves can be pounded down into fibers and woven or twisted into cordage for mats, ropes, whatever you want.  Wear gloves if you try this!
The flowers have minimal fragrance, a vague sweetness with a hint of black licorice.  If you eat one… they taste like fresh pea pods from the garden.  Cows love to eat them!  I had to drive to take my pictures, the yuccas in our pasture have been gobbled up!
A cow will actually eat the tough, stringy blades as well.  Don’t know why.  Multiple stomachs must help!
The roots of the yucca truly are a wonderful source for soap… anyone old enough to remember “OOOOOOOOOOH, Yucca Dew!”?  They did use yucca in that shampoo!  I would use soap that smelled like yucca… it is an amazingly clean scent.  Sweetgrass and yucca.  Absolutely the best smells in the universe!
After the blooms die back, pods are created on the long central stem.  Need to build a fire?  Dry stems work great.  Need Christmas wreath decorations?  Dried pods are beautiful.
And that’s all I know about that!  You’re free… no more yucca posts!
I think we’re moving cows tomorrow, so it’s back to the cowboy life!

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