Same Country

We did trail our heifers up to the Mesa Pasture today.

The heifers have been north of here on a place we lease.  They have been grazing around the hay fields in the sloughs and tree patches.
Between the heat (today was 90*) and the mosquitoes and flies, I’m sure they’re happy to be off of the lowlands…
All six of us started riding, just to cover the ground… there’s lots of places to hide if you’re a heifer!  Trees, brush, creekbanks, gullies, and hills.  It’s a very chopped up area, so we split up, three on each side of the creek.  Some of the grass that Brandon rode through was taller than his head on horseback!
Finally we had them all together at the edge of the creek.  Yearling heifers tend towards brainlessness, so it took a while to convince them, that, yes, they could cross the creek with us behind them… They’ve been crossing that creek on their own for months.  Duh.  <shakes head>
Johnny was the first to leave to ride back and retrieve the horsetrailer.  Then Vernon and Daniel took off in search of The Obnoxious Bull.  That left Brandon, Toria, and I and the three black dogs (Boomer, Dally, Jazz) to trail to the Mesa.  About halfway there I was reprimanding myself for being too lazy to repair my banana bag… and therefore ride waterless.  None for me.  None for the dogs.
Whew!  It was hot!
And dusty.
And just enough pollen to make me stuffy!
I missed my little dysfunctional Panansonic camera.  And my old one?  Famous for OOPE photos?  Forgot to charge the batteries.  My big one doesn’t go for rides on horseback.
So I’ll leave you with one from the other day… Different cows, different people… same country!

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