We moved cattle to our leased Partnership pasture today.  We paired them out of our Mesa pasture after gathering them.  Since we weren’t taking all of them, we had to make sure we only had pairs!  It took a while… we usually pair them only at the end, but we are usually taking everything in a pasture too!  They travelled well until the end when they wanted to continue to the mountain slope and we turned them off to the newly leased Partnership.  A little yee-hawing and whistling and zooming and we finally convinced them to go a new way!

I really missed my little camera.  It’s amazing how well tuned I am to noticing photographic shots, details to share with you, and little explanations pop up in my brain on the processes we use.
All of which I don’t get to use tonight!
Nevertheless, it was an 8 hour day that went digitally unrecorded!  I can’t seem to find my battery charger for my old camera… someone should clean my desk!  Oh, and could you please also find my dog clipper?  I’d like to cool down my dogs but cannot for the life of me find my clippers!  AAAAARGH.  I hate that.
So today’s little photo essay will be on an entirely different subject.
Remember this?
I transferred it to a tall sage only 10 feet away, hoping it was satisfactory to the momma to return.  Unfortunately, when I did go back, this scene awaited.
It didn’t look good.
But to make up for it…
Enjoy the photos of the little robins that DID make it this year.  This nest holds just one, but it lives outside my bedroom window.  Momma has collided with the glass more than once, but it never seems to phase her!  Every photo I have of him is blurry… so take my word for it, he’s in there!
<OK.  I know it is just a nest photo… but reallyreally my other pics *were* blurry!>
These three live in my basement stairwell.

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