This Is Getting Exciting!

In between the cowboying

and the haying
and the renovating/welding/perfataping/painting/lawnmowing visits to the Mills Place…
We are working on a wedding.
We have eight days.
Crunch time has arrived.
Today we returned to the St. Christopher’s Chapel in the Big Horns to lay out decorations, see how they look, and prepare them ahead of time.
Her colors are purple and silver.
Wonder of wonders, it looks like the purple mountain lupine will be in full bloom in a week.  Mother Nature is bringing flowers to the wedding!
Matt loves to hunt, so elk antlers and a few deer sheds as well will be placed strategically.  Some storebought pine boughs add to the ambience… we figured the Forest Service would be unhappy if we hacked down live ones!
Toria loves her home on the ranch, so she grabbed a few extra old horseshoes, painted ’em silver, and they hold up her ribbons and “fluff” (aka purple tulle).
Sounds simple.
Somehow, “simple” took us hours to figure out… but we did it!
I cannot bring myself to show you details… besides, Matt reads this blog and I’d ruin it for him if I showed him photos ahead of time!  But I will share one thing.
A gift from the Mills family… something the kids and I had actually looked at and desired before it was given to Toria and Matt at the wedding shower.  It looked very happy in its little spot.  Fresh lupine and some greenery will be placed around its base on The Day.  It is perfect!
We do have two problems we need help with, and I call on you, Loyal Readers!
The wonderful moisture has greened up Wyoming’s landscape and, as I predicted, also brought mosquitoes.  They have hatched since we were there last.  What is the best outdoor repellent?  We don’t want candles… don’t need to start a forest fire!  But those area repellants, do they work?  How smelly are they?  Good thing Toria told people to come wearing their jeans!  Dresses aren’t a good idea up there right now!
The cake is made and frozen… but will need to be frosted.  Anyone have a timeline on thawing and frosting the cake?  We have really no idea… and could use any suggestions on that!  We’re just using chocolate butter cream on one, and cream cheese frosting on the other.
This is getting exciting!

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