My Breed, Part One

Today I was excused from ranch duties and set free!

Fortunately enough, it also was the full day of the Montana English Shepherd Gathering in Red Lodge, Montana.  That’s only three hours away! I didn’t quite get as early a start as I had planned, but still managed to spend most of the day there… I’ve just returned home and it’s past midnight!
Tomorrow I’ll give full details… but I have to admit it’s awfully fun getting together with other “dog people”… and telling stories and comparing dogs.
My dogs, of course, don’t exactly play well with others… Lucas is definitely LAST in line for Mr. Congeniality with other dogs!  Studly dog that he is…  He did make an impression… not really the one I was looking for however!
These ominous skies sent me on my way home…
Lightning storms escorted me all the way home.  I’ll climb in bed and finish watching the one off to the east…
So goodnight until tomorrow when you’ll discover more about *MY* breed of dog!

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