All Work and No Play

When we work on the ram…

We have to pack a lunch.
That means after Vernon eats… he takes a nap… because he wakes up early.
I don’t.
Sometimes the boys don’t either…
This time Brandon and M. went rock climbing… and I missed photographing that… whoops.
Daniel, no surprise, did this.
A nice little rainbow trout!
Today we choose to “catch and release”.
My choice, on the other hand, is to enjoy the creek…
The dam is a perfect place… pool above… flat rocks… deep pool below…
It was hot… and it was tempting… and had I been alone… I just might have gone for it!
But instead… with faithful and adoring Dally by my side…
I fell into the grasp of a good book!
But I kept an eye on Elsa… wading in the coolness of the creek.
She seemed to be enjoying the water on her paws…
I couldn’t stand it any longer!
No skinny dipping for me, BUT!
I did go for the deluxe pedi massage… with air bubbles and rushing water… with cold fresh Rocky Mountain stream water.  It was free, too!
So while Vernon slept and Brandon climbed and Daniel fished…
I relaxed.
Never let it be said we’re all work and no play…
Question and answer session tomorrow!  See you then!

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