‘Ear, ‘Ear!

Victoria and Matt are here for a day… Her last “time off” before school starts this week…

She decided to participate in our local food co-op this week, so we blasted into town first thing this morning and picked up our “baskets”.
This co-op has just started at the beginning of summer… but you can tell, Ten Sleep residents are fond of it!  Although most of us grow our own gardens, contents of our baskets usually contain items we can’t grow!  Half are vegetables and half are fruit… so we’re thrilled when we get mangoes, bananas, blueberries, cantelope, grapefruit, and peaches.  We never really know what we’re going to receive… It’s like a vegetarian/fruititarian Christmas every two weeks!
It’s wonderful.
You get two baskets for $15.
Plus I only have to drive into Ten Sleep to pick them up!  That saves me mileage and gas on top of this price.  We’re getting better at eating fruit too!  This gives our local supermarket a run for their money.  The quality of produce has been great… and it’s been kinda fun. We had to figure out how to cook some veggies… and research how to open a fresh coconut!
My plan was to also buy 2 cases of corn to freeze… with Victoria’s help.
When we got back home, Vernon was headed to the mountain to do some cowboying and I sent Victoria and Matt with him.  More bodies up there are necessary!
Then Brandon showed up, and asked for help packing.  He was leaving for his senior year at the University of Wyoming, and was hauling a bumper he had welded for a friend back down there.  I helped pack a few boxes and lash down the bumper… built him a little lunch… and he was off!
I’m gonna miss him… he is my “baby”.
That left me and two cases of corn alone with each other.
Eye to eye.
Ear to ear.
96 ears of corn.
and me.
I turned on Pandora, dialed up some Chris LeDoux…
and the game was ON!
First I shucked…
Then I boiled…
Then I blanched at this sight…
Get it?
Hardyharharhar…  ummm…
Well, *I* thought it was funny…
Then came the messy part…
Slicing those little kernels off the cob.
Then I packed them in freezer bags.
I used to reuse plastic containers…
But I need all the space I can get in my freezer…
When we butcher a beef, it takes up 99% of my space, so these little bags are the best way for me to have frozen corn!
Since I was in the kitchen, I whipped up pork chops on the grill, baked beans, MORE corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes (from MY garden), fresh cucumber in rice vinegar (Co-op cuke!), and fried zucchini (Co-op!).
A couple glasses of white wine (‘ere, ‘ere! or ‘ear, ‘ear!)… and I’m DONE!
Victoria gave me a disc with wedding pics on it…
and we cowboy tomorrow…
So we’ll just have to see which one wins for tomorrow’s entry…
but now…
I’m bushed.
I sure hope that Kitchen Fairy does my dishes while I sleep tonight… She’s been slacking lately and I’d fire her… if I could catch the little twink!
Night all…
<yuk yuk… I’m funny when it’s late and I’m tired!>

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